[Resolved] Missed Ads NY Daily News WebSite

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
Yep, I do see ads there when using Adguard for Mac (and the Assistant doesn't appear, but does on Windows with Assistant 4.0).

EDIT: The Adguard browser extensions 2.6.3 beta seem to deal with the ads just fine as there's a bunch of blocked WebRTC/Stun entries in the filtering log AND there's a blocked CSP (content security policy, which is new!). Adguard for Windows 6.2 kinda deals with these ads (there's no blocked WebRTC/CSP entries in the filtering log - again CSP is new, so it hasn't made it into the public beta yet) but the ads appear randomly for me after refreshing the page or sometimes after the page loads. Keep in mind, if you use the Stealth Mode option in Adguard for Windows to disable WebRTC, it does seem to block them and those ads do seem to go away. But remember this is an option that globally disables WebRTC so if you use WebRTC, you might not want to enable that option in Adguard for Windows (if you use Adguard for Windows, of course). ;)

Adguard for Mac likely doesn't support all this newer stuff yet, hence why it fails to work there (you *might* be able to globally disable WebRTC via a filter rule in the user filter, not sure). But if you're using the browser extensions, you can give the 2.6.3 beta a try!

Ad reinjection, perhaps?