[Resolved] Paypal Fishing


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I try to open paypal.com and it sends me to paypal.com/ru/home

Im concerned about using Adguard Extension (for Safari, macOS).

*Actually it is Adguard DNS who might be doing it. I uninstalled Adguard extension.
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It is not an issue with AdGuard. It is how their site is designed. As long as you are on their domain, you are good. I suppose you are trying to access the page from Russia/a Russian Proxy/VPN? It is perfectly safe to be on paypal.com/ru/home. The site is designed to take you to their local page based on the IP geolocation.


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Thing is. I'm not in Russia. Strangely it is fixed. I'm back to using Adguard DNS and Adguard Safari Extension filter.

Strangely too another page I was visiting (but not logging) was Localbitcoins.net. If I changed the country (to look at offers) to let's say, Netherlands, it showed some menus in Russian.

I have no idea what's going on. Im in Brazil btw.