[Resolved] Redirected Ads on "biqle.ru" [Android]


Beta Tester
Android 6.0.1
Adguard Latest stable
Filters : English, Sypware, Social, Mobile ads
High Quality filtering
DNS filtering on in advance settings
(Though turning it off doesn't make any difference)
Https filter enabled


There are reoccurring redirection ads
On Video serach domain, plus redirection ads on player as well while changing resolution or just simply opening video.

Little bit random occurance but 7/10 times you caught uo with one redirection or another.

Main url:


(Try searching Taylor Swift/ Guardians of galaxy or any phrase and scroll or click on result will redirect you to some ads)

Same issue with their video player, it randomly redirect while changing resolution or even some times just stops playing untill you exit from full screen and go back to full screen at same time there will be redirection ads.

Player :

Some of redirection urls just for your reference :





Beta Tester
Sorry but can you be little bit for specific about addition?

I think i already put all the info from the guide you suggested , except screenshot shot, and there's nothing that i can capture on screenshot would help because as i described in OP, ads i'm talking about are redirecting anf not the steady image or something on website it self. And i already put those redirecting URLs.


Beta Tester
Everything is ok.
Could you test with Russian filter?
Ahh...That seems fixed it :) atleast for now.
Thanks !
Sorry for reporting without proper check.

Also may i ask who handles beta testing request?

Edit: never mind just got reply form vasily after writing this post.
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