[resolved] Sponsored ads showing on google.dk search


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Random google.dk search showing sponsored ads. They appear to move from top, bottom or side at random

I've also noticed ads sneaking in on youtube recently though it's harder to reproduce

This happens both in Chrome and Firefox Nightly
Went to the above mentioned URL and no sponsored ads on my side.
Could you plz mention more details about the filters you are using, what version of adguard you are using,etc...would help in solving the problem faster.
Also check whether https filtering is checked or not(Settings> Network> Filter https protocol)
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Yeah, you're probably running into that issue. You can fix it by using the workaround I posted in that topic. The issue was fixed in the latest beta version that's currently being tested. If you want to try the beta version, you can grab it from this link: https://download.adguard.com/d/2/adguardInstallerBeta.exe
I'll try the beta



I installed the beta and so far it's working properly, blocking ads on google and the assistant is also there now

Thanks again for the help
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