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This beta did the trick. Everything working as expected and I didn´t changed anything about temp folder. Still pointing to another drive (HDD in case) instead of default. Thanks for this beta and I hope it remains OK for now.

Or he has encrypted partition(s) && they are mounted too late for example at user login. If Adguard service is set to automatic start, when does it exactly start? At pre-boot state/when first user log in or ?
No, no encrypted partition or whatever. The situation here at my point of view is not a discussion where the windows temp folder should be or what should come first in order to work properly: the Adguard service or the drive mount. We have the risk to fall into an useless discussion of what came first...the egg or the chicken.

In my point of view, design an app for one expected behaviour is always dangerous. Specially talking about windows, that is highly customizable and grants to the user so many possible changes. This temp dir thing we are talking on this topic is an example. Despite of the meaning of why such checking is made, and judging it is necessary for Adguard, why program the app to look at one direction only? This situation reminds me programs like google chrome for example, which don´t have the option to choose the path where to install...

Dealing with variables and forms other than the default is pretty much necessary these days.

@avatar: Just curious about what is different on the beta...since the startup problem is solved.
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about egg&chicken: FWIW: It was the dinosaurs whos descendants chickens are (*BAM* - science, bitch :))*
about your bold** request: live.sysinternals.com/procmon.exe is your friend.

*except you are a creationist, then it was god FTW
**hope you get the ambiguousity
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@avatar: Just curious about what is different on the beta...since the startup problem is solved.
I hope this beta will become next stable release in a day or two.

Full changelog:


+ New version of Adguard network drivers
+ Added Maxthon Nitro support
+ Added support for Regexp-rules
+ Added new API GreaseMonkey functions for better userscripts support 


* Fixed an issue with a long delay when adding rules by Assistant
* Now, even when the Parental Control sensitivity level is disabled, black and white lists continue to work
* Fixed program crashes when working with tray
* When using TDI driver Teredo is no longer disabled 
* Fixed console errors in IE8
* Fixed several localization bugs 
* Parental control now blocks access to unsafe sites even when the sensitivity level is disabled