[Resolved] www.simplyhired.com

Schmye Bubbula

New Member
Hope I'm not in the wrong forum for problems with AdGuard DNS servers:,

1) www.simplyhired.com
"Unable to connect": ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Can this be whitelisted? (If that's indeed applicable for my symptom.)

Corollary questions:
2) If I configure my computer's networking with a different, known working DNS address as my Secondary DNS, why doesn't it fall-back to it?
3) I did a lookup for www.simplyhired.com and got If I enter that into my web browser's address field, it doesn't work ("404," or "Connection not secure.").
But I added that IP address to my hosts file for www.simplyhired.com, and it's working so far. Why the latter and not the former?