[Resolved] xxxlshop.de - AdGuard 6.2.433.2167 + Annoyances Filter = Blank Pages

As always, technical support is slow and can't replicate an issue no matter how well it has been described.

On multiple pages, the content is replaced with a white/blank pages after loading when AdGuard is enabled. This is happening in both Firefox and Chrome, including in Incognito Mode without Extensions or Cache.

I have seen this phenomenon multiple times in the past and this is the most recent page where I can reliably replicate it:


If AdGuard is enabled, loading takes a long time and ultimately results in an entirely blank page.

Enabled filters: English, German, Social Media, Annoyances, Mobile Ads - all up to date.

Disabling the Annoyances Filter fixes it, re-enabling it breaks the site. As always it takes several reloads after a filter change, even in incognito mode, because for some reason filter changes aren't instantaneous with AdGuard.

The weird thing is that the filtering log shows no individual rules from the Annoyances Filter being applied when loading the page - its mere presence kills the page for some reason.


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Reproduced on my Extension build - body class cookie-bar. Try this rule in user filter:
Element hiding rules are not showing in filtering log.

Please report other sites in "False Positives" forum part. Moved the thread to this forum part.
Is there a reason why the first response from technical support is literally always "Unfortunately, we were not able to reproduce the issue at our end."?

It doesn't matter how well an issue has been documented, it's like it's standard response to weed out the less persistent customers.

Every single time I contacted technical support it was for a problem that was ultimately found to be a bug in either a filter or AdGuard itself. Every single time the first response was "Unfortunately, we were not able to reproduce the issue at our end." and only after the second reply were they suddenly able to replicate the issue. If the default reply is always "can't reproduce", why does it take several weeks to get a response?