[resolved] ZippyShare Upload Button Removed by AdGuard


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I dont actually use Iron often and it was installed due to chrome and chronium freezing my computer and me not being able to figure out the cause, of cause the issue re-appeared with Iron and has now appeared with firefox and every solution i have tried so far has failed its rather annoying too.

If i fixed it though id probably use chrome or chronium + firefox as its starting to re-grow on me little.

Also no problem, im sure someone will say if there is a better fix.


Problem not solved with this code! Please do not close the topic.
Nameless I can try it today and I am still not seeing the start upload button.

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I just uodated my filters and issue is solved thanks :)


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So it can be closed? lol

Sometimes you need to do a cache refresh CTRL+F5 to get codes working correctly.
Also, i dont add codes to the filters i just try and help out when i can.