[Resvoled]Adguard choking internet on Pixel 3 XL

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Rogue Sero

New Member
A whole day on the latest nightly and the whole day everything was nice and smooth !!! :D
Still on this version and going strong !!

I'm so afraid to update to the new nightly :eek:

Btw, is there a page to see all changelogs from all Adguard-versions (incl. nightly's) ?


Support Marine
Staff member
@Rogue Sero
Problem fixed in nightly version.
The fix will be added in version 3.3(realese). While you can stay on nightly :)

Follow the news ;)

Rogue Sero

New Member
Thank you guys so so much !!
It's hard to express how truly happy I am !

I don't know how you guys did it, but you really did.

There were multiple times where I almost had given up on Adguard. And move to Blokada.
But there really is no better adblocker than Adguard, so I just couldn't give up on Adguard.
And I'm glad I didn't :)

Again, so many thanks to you and the team !!!
Amazing work, service and hospitality !

Thomas :)
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