[Resvoled]How to block ads in program/software with AdGuard for Windows?

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Onkarjit Singh

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On AdGuard for Mac there was an option to add an program to AdGuard and then AdGuard would remove the ads in that program.
I can't seem to find this functionality in AdGuard for Windows, is it also available for AdGuard for Windows? I'm trying to add Spotify to Adguard, so that AdGuard can filter the ads.

I read the Popular programs without ads article, however it seems to be outdated, it shows examples of how to remove ads in programs with an older version of AdGuard for Windows. I'm on version 7.2.2990 of AdGuard for Windows and when I go to the setttings I don't seen an option to add an browser (.exe).
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Settings -> Network -> List of filtered apps
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