[*] Safari extension: IFTTT mail notification link and the site behind the redirection get blocked


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I get mail notifications from IFTTT for new posts on two specific subreddits; they link to ift.tt/ followed by a random, individual sequence of characters which then redirects to the new post.

They usually work perfectly, but today AdGuard's malware & phishing filter blocked one specific link and the site it redirects to. I only get a standard Safari page that the site could not be accessed because it got blocked by a content blocker, WebKitErrorDomain: 104. All other links by the same system from the same source still work fine.

That sequence is 2vE1vw4 here; the full link is http://ift.tt/2vE1vw4 - it links to https://www.reddit.com/r/aspergers/comments/6rxxap/dae_absolutely_loathe_advertising/ which is the weirdest thing here, because it only gets blocked every second attempt at opening it?? I cleared the cache, and still every second time I reload the page I get Safari's error page - every other time I just get the normal site and can use it normally!

A working link from the same batch of notification mails would be http://ift.tt/2wwXndU - I researched the sequence of the blocked link; got three results, none of which seem to be malware-relevant. Disabling AdGuard from the AdGuard tool bar icon lets me access both sites normally. Whitelisting ift.tt in AdGuard does nothing (as it shouldn't for links blocked for malware protection). The error pages for both links are the same (except for the part of the error description which says the link I tried to access).

macOS 10.12.6
Safari 10.1.2
AdGuard 2.6.5


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Please check:
Added to English filter.
The second URL is not blocked on my end.