| Malicious Intent

Zen Carter

New Member
Based on my own personal review, it has been my understanding that although this website is dedicating tdoss/ddos/call flooding tools to shutting down scammers; that, it has fallen into the wrong hands before and last year in July of 2018, the real Microsoft was under attack by this particular service.

There are no legal terms indicating an age limit; just about anyone, even a 14 year old could obtain these tools and use them for malicious purposes and the website owners are well aware, and just don't care.

It is also my understanding that call flooding in general is illegal in the United States as it can intrupt the phone carriers network, due to the fact that the phone carrier's network has to process all the inbound calls, and these programs typically spit about 200-300 calls per minute and can last for 24 hours.

Futhermore, in the screenshot you've seen below: I decided to contact this Enterprise-based antivirus company to find out why they blocked the ScammerBlaster(dot)com website, and they had made it clear to me that it is indeed illegal to ddos/call flood in the United States.

I would appreciate it if AdGuard could look into this and provide their professional opinion with regard to the website and its' services.

Thank You.