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Here a question from a Adguard Noob :cool:

I have defined a client called Laptop Max on IP address. This works on blocking services.

But when I want to block a specific website in the custom filter for this client (my son) i cannot get it to work.

The result i am hoping for is that he cannot play roblox from his laptop.

The script lines i have made are;
||^$client='Laptop Max'
||^$client='Laptop Max'

can anyone tell me where I am going wrong??

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I'm not sure, but if you want to block access to the website, you need to install AdGuard your son laptop.


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ah, yes I understand your remark. I failed to mention that I have Adguard Home running on a Raspberry Pi and that it is my DNS server. So all DNS requests go through AdGuard.

Other blocking (client settings, blocking Youtube) works like a charm. would be a nice feature to block online gaming as a client setting option btw...


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Thank you for your help. I tried your suggestion but no succesQ I think I have to take a closer look at how to use a client name.

When I use this line it blocks my (and everyones) laptop: ||

When I use this line nothing happens: ||^$client='LaptopMartijn'

My client is defined as in screenshot

Does this make sense to you? Or am i thinking the wrong way?



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Did you try IP address instead of computer name in rule? My knowledge was about an older version which did not support it (since knowledge base includes it, it should be supported now).


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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction about the older version.

I upgraded to the latsest version (manualy because auto update did not work) and now all goes well!

Much appreciated!!