Section rules


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We have special rules for this section for mutual convenience of moderators/administrators and users alike.

1. Ideally, there should be a new thread for each website.
2. Thread title should contain the address of the website in question.

3. If you have a complaint for many websites at once, create one thread with a name like
" and N more suspicious websites"

4. Mesage text should contain a brief explanation what do you suspect the website in:
e.g., "SMS-fraud" or "Malware".

When the issue is solved, moderator or administrator will add a [Resolved] prefix to the thread's name.


Must have section for Adguard.
Now, finally I can report bad sites too. Which serves adwares and fraud to users.
Great move guys, I always support you! :cool:


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could please add all those reported websites in MALWARE/SCAM lists please?
I suppose @zebrum adds the scam sites but not seeing them added on a regular basis. I still have about a dozen of them which are not resolved. A quicker response time for this section is very much needed.

@vasily_bagirov : I suppose the new reporting tool does not apply for this section right? Can someone please add and clear the pending threads of this section please?