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Some useful information
1. How to capture traffic of the site or the application?
1. Download and install Fiddler
2. Configure Fiddler:
  • Enable HTTPS decryption

  • Allow remote connections to Fiddler
3. Find your local IP address(of PC with Fiddler)
4. Disable caching
Now you can work with traffic of the local machine (browsers, some applications)
5. Configure proxy:
For remote devices only(for example, smartphone). Skip it, if you work with the local machine.
  • Adguard settings
Go to the advanced settings
Tap Proxy settings
Enter your ip information - local IP address of PC with Fiddler and port like in Fiddler settings(3128)
Tap OK and restart protection.
  • iOS
WiFi settings:
then open in browser:
and download Fiddler root certificate
Open the FiddlerRoot.cer file, trust it and install

Detailed description:

6. Done. Now you can see requests from your smartphone in Fiddler.

*. If it is required, you can save requests and place on in the topic

File->Save->All sessions
The resulting file has *.saz extension. It should be uploaded to the topic.
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