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If you use Comodo DNS sometimes a website is blocked.
If AdGuard is enabled you cannot bypass it when you choose to disregard (there is a loop on the next page and nothing is happening).

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Comodo DNS to add for test:


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I've switched to Comodo DNS. Nothing is blocked yet.

I'll leave the DNS and test it tomorrow.

Also I have a request for you.

Next time you face this issue could you please do the following:
1. Take a screenshot of the blocked page
2. Check the blocked website IP address (use ping from cmd line).

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Are you using a registered account there? I ask because it says they have website filtering available for registered users.


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I'm using CIS Premium but you don't need to install anything by Comodo to use their DNS servers.
Add it to your router AND windows config.

Try to browse known malware websites so you can test the bypass feature.