Shazam can't search when traffic control is enabled in Adguard


Hi there,

I ain't sure what is the best way to report an issue now, given the sanctions and everything. So I've duplicated the same issue on github just in case you respond there quicker:

Attached is a screenshot which highlights the toggle I have used in order to enable and disable network traffic control for Shazam app in Adguard on my old Android 8 phone.

I've been using both apps (Adguard and Shazam) on this phone for a number of years with no issues. But now When traffic control is enabled in Adguard, Shazam assumes it is offline and can't search for tracks. As soon as I disable traffic control, Shazam immediately can access it database to identify a track.

Why is this happening now?

My mobile Adguard version is 3.6.8. The following filters are enabled:
AdGuard Base filter, AdGuard Mobile Ads filter, AdGuard Russian filter, AdGuard Spanish/Portuguese filter, AdGuard Turkish filter, AdGuard Tracking Protection filter, AdGuard Social Media filter, AdGuard Annoyances filter, AdGuard DNS filter, EasyPrivacy, Online Malicious URL Blocklist

Thanks in advance.