Shorter, More Focused Filter List


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I had an idea for a shorter filter list: a list that only blocks ads and trackers found on the top 50 or top 100 Alexa-ranked sites. Because the English + Spyware filters get way too long (over 13,000 entries), especially for mobile usage. I bet the average user only needs 75 to 150 filter rules anyway. Maybe you could just crawl the top 50 or 100 Alexa sites, keep track of which English List and Spyware List filters get used, and put those in a list of their own.
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Just imagine how annoying will it be.

I bet you use lots of sites which are not on the top 100 list.
So you will be browsing some sites without ads and, in the same time, you'll get all the ads on some news site you love.
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