Show performance of each filter


Beta Tester
Right now in AG for Windows (6.4.1739.4753) this is the only statistical data we get to see:

and while I can choose different filters to load, I really have no idea which ones are being effective and which are just slowing me down and adding little value (and I would remove if I knew this!). Additionally, while it shows me 'Blocked threats" - what threats? Which sites/domain?

It would be great to see the performance of each filter. Data such as how many blocks, blocks per day, processing time added to query (i.e. what overhead is the filter adding), etc.

I wouldn't mind if this was in the app itself, or possibly data that is kept in AG and viewed on my account portal. This would potentially also let me see aggregate information across my multiple devices.


Beta Tester
Yes, very good ideas.
I second them all.

Also, its a real pain to bring up the main AdGuard window and then however over the section to see the number of blocked ads and trackers and blocked threats.

Why can't these stats be shown on the assistant itself, or somewhere on the page easily seen all the time.