Show us which filters got updated on iOS app


Beta Tester
When updating filters with Adguard extension on Chrome, Safari and so on, we do see which filters got updated. Can you add that option as well to the iOS app?

When updates are finished in the iOS app, it does show right now like this:
4 filters updated

Can you please add a way so we can see at the same window, which filters got updated?

For example instead of showing 4 filters updated, show us: 4 filter updated: english, dutch, annoyance, mobile.

4 filters updated, see more. (when clicking see more, we do see which filters got updated in a list)

What do you think? Is this possible?

PS: I know it's possible to go on each filter, one by one, to see the time that the filter got updated, but that is insane to do. Clicking for example on 8 filters, just to know which 4 got updated.
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