Signal bar data type keeps flashing.


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Hello I found that Adguard is causing my signal data type to keep flashing h+ 4g etc on my signal bar which is causing it to stay on 3g in lower signals any idea why it's doing that cause I turned Adguard off and it's solved.


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Hello @Raymond
Looks like you faced this issue.
It is related to the features of the phone firmware.

Then let’s do the following:
- AdGuard > Settings > Advanced > Logging Level > Record All.
- Reproduce your issue.
- Note the time the error occurred and let us know.
- Don’t forget to return to the default logging level.
- Logs can be sent to me at PM


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Having a mate 20 X and also noticed that, it's a bit annoying because it makes the "phone service" process drain a lot more battery when it's happening. Noticeable under battery usage.