site blocks you by prompting you to sign up


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I requested screenshots because I couldn't understand issues that you are experiencing from previous threads.
I can tackle the problem once you provided the screenshots gathered in one post.

web page coming up from Firefox warning me the page cannot be Trusted. I am on Mac running FF.
This seems to be a different issue. First, try to reinstall certificate at "General Settings > Reinstall Certificate". Also, if you have any other software that might be monitoring your traffic (such as antivirus software) try to turn it off temporarily and check if the issue disappears.


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What seems to be working is blocking from the hosts file. Ran a Nslookup command on it. Found out it resolves to 4 different IP's. Plugged them into the hosts file using Terminal and I been beating on it. No pop ups at all. Only bumber is I don't think I can edit a hosts file on my ipad, but if this works for my Mac I am happy.