slight doubt about interference between adguard and videogame esd on PC

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not only Windows Store and Steam kind ESD paltform,
Epic Games, UBIsoft, 2K Games, EA (Origin)Desktop, Blizzard app.. there's lots of Launcher and Checker(anti-temper or anti-cheat kind) exist inside game itself in there.

and most of them seems not had much issue with adguard cause most of they're job's are processing in safe memory side, nothing much related with network itself.
but seems few of them honestly designed like poor way, or some of them still suspicious at try to collect personal informations not related with game develope and tech support.

in my case, 2K Games force they're laucher on XCOM2 and Civilization6 kind Firaxis studio game titles in 2020, after few progression and fixes, seems they push Launcher all the games they publishing on Windows PC.

i taught it could be interference with adguard like filter services at first, but i've check some of they're debug log, seems they still poor at making proper work launcher.

most of big companies are gether partitial personal information and fingerprinting customers only for AntiCheat, In-game Promotion, static during Test session things.
but still few minor companies horde in steam looks forcing own strange EULA and suspicious code to shadow run. (mostly shady chinese publisher and devs with indie games)

as i've known Windows 11 will forcing minimum requirement of TPM 2.0, and sooner or later all the x86 and arm chipset intergrate security chip inside them to personal identification with eFuse kind credential.
but still those kind videogame related launchers looks lame to bypass, cheaters are crawling right now.

ECH kind DNS Encryption and apple's personal relaying kind spliting method to anti-fingerprint feels kind a trend nowdays
but seems far from PC gamers playing on Windows PC cause of those ESD and launcher mess.

anyone got opinion in these launchers mess and future potential trouble between adfiltering?


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