Slow internet speeds when AdGuard is on


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Hi, I'm not sure if this is normal for most users or not, but when AdGuard is active, my internet speeds slow down by over 10 Mbps. I usually get around 23 - 30 Mbps when AdGuard is disabled, when it's on, it drops to between 12 - 17 Mbps.

For me that's a big difference, and causes big problems streaming video content in particular.

I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Android 8.1 and SpeedTest by Ookla to confirm speeds. I update AdGuard pretty regularly, but this problem always persists.

Any suggestions on how to stop AdGuard slowing my speeds down would be gratefully appreciated.



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Please follow these steps:
- Open AdGuard Settings > advanced > logging level > record everything
- Reproduce your issue (Make test)
- Collect log files and send them to PM