Slow or even no internet connection when Adguard is enabled

Dennis Gründel

New Member
Hey there,

Since the last update to version 3.4 I noticed that my internet speed gets cut in half when enabling adguard. Often I can't even send or receive messages on various messengers like Telegram or WhatsApp. The messages are sending as soon as I turn of adguard. The same happens with loading webpages. Until I turn off adguard the sites won't load at all or at least very slow.

I am using a OnePlus 7 Pro with Android 10.
My DNS inside Adguard is set to Cloudflare.

Thanks for any advice.


Support Marine
Staff member
Hello there!

First, you should try selecting a different DNS server or disabling DNS filtering, will there be any changes?

Dennis Gründel

New Member
Thank you very much for your answer. I changed to the system default DNS and now the speed is almost the same as without adguard. Sometimes even faster. My thoughts about DNS were that cloudflare is very fast and I might profit from faster connections. Now I know better ;)