Slow startup time


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I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing slow startup speeds of the windows app.

My system is fairly modern (Ryzen 5600X, 32Gb DDR4 3200mhz RAM, NVME SSD) and while windows 11 boots, Adguard is always the last app to load taking its time not only to start the services, but also to update the filters. Win 11 will load in 5 seconds more or less due to the NVME drive, and then I have to wait for Adguard to complete it's startup for more than 20-30 seconds (including filter updates).

This would not be an issue but until filter updates complete, web filtering is non-existent.


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Yes same to me. Windows 11 Ryzen 5500u 8gbram 512ssd. because of this i dont want to buy windows liceince. İ am using adguard extension


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The AdguardSvc.exe is as fast as always, the Adguard.exe which handles the UI may take longer but doesn't affect blocking... Or it shouldn't, but since 7.11 AdguardSvc.exe is not blocking any ads until Adguard.exe is run at least once.

Boo Berry

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Oh, that's a different, known issue that was fixed in the last hotfix if I recall correctly. Might want to either check for updates, temporarily update to the nightly channel or downgrade to the last stable version and turn off updates.

Otherwise the thing about AG for Windows loading slowly at Windows startup (meaning the app starts and the icon in the system tray goes from grey to green) has happened since day one and I'm sure there's a reason why. Hopefully something can be done about that in the future, who knows.

You might want to create an issue on the AG for Windows Github tracker about the slow starting on Windows and see what the devs say: