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The latest version (7.5 b1) is causing web pages to open 3-4 times slower than when adguard is turned off, up to 30 seconds from me clicking a link to it opening the page ( not including the time it takes to actually load the page) .
I'm also feeling the same thing... Turned off DNS feature in AG and set it manually via Windows - much much faster!
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Not sue how to do that. Anyway, my vpn will not connect with dns turned on, but it connects when dns is turned off (BTW everything worked fine on the previous releases)
It's weird because my browsing experience for the entire 7.4 stable release was super sluggish (may have been a botched upgrade, I didn't uninstall/reinstall) but the upgrade to 7.5 beta 1 resolved those issues.

To do this, find Network and Sharing Center assuming you're using Windows, and you can set your DNS settings there like I have shown below

click properties


set your dns server here

If you have ipv6 connectivity you can also set your dns settings there also (ignore my loopback as my ISP still uses ipv4 stacks to resolve ipv6 addresses):



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14 was much better, although a few pages still timed-out and I had to refresh the page to get it to load. Just downloaded 15, so we'll see how that one fares.