So Many Options, has great results but..


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After finally spending some time researching the extension I use in all my browsers, all my clients browsers and referencing it to friends and family I am coming up with a few questions.

If the end users is using the Extension add-on in Safari, Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave or other why the need for the other products?

AdGuard Home - would be great if it ran on a NAS Device

AdGuard DNS - in comparison to OpenDNS, CloudFlare or AdGuard Home (limited to internal uses) may very well be better given the recent revelations such as Avast and others are selling all our online (mobile or stationary nodes) activities. I'm testing it now. I love OpenDNS with the ability to, same as AdGuard DNS simply set the DNS server IP's in a router, firewall or on a Proxy server, setup categories for safe browsing and blocking "bad" sites - known and the unknown.

Newly created or Pop-Up DNS sites is a major problem. And as a person who sees many installations, the costs associated to some Business level DNS protections are a bit much. Some higher end Firewalls provide their own DNS servers, DNSSEC enabled, DNS over HTTPS but as is with most digital solutions, there's a work around.

The AdGuard Home solution, to me, running on a stationary system in a home is difficult these days as most people are running around on Mobile devices (Phones, Tablets, GPS Devices, plus numerous others. For those that have a stationary system, most try to keep ECO friendly methodologies by turning off unused devices.

The exceptions are varied but IoT, Internal NAS devices which usually stay on as they provide 24/7 services. Qnap, Synology, Drobo etc...

I clearly have respect for the extension add-on, but having that, then DNS settings, then adding AdGuard home seem overkill and very well may cause issues.

I'll continue using and promoting the extension, and now where and when available, setup smaller routers and firewalls with DNS server IP's. Very well push Firefox over Chrome, Opera and then set the DNS over HTTPS url.

Thanks for a great product and the opportunity to review the additional products provided.