So... Why can't it block Facebook?


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A new study came out and essentially Facebook and Instagram are the worst privacy offender's.

I was curious if that means it can't filter anything in an app like Facebook or just ads?

Also why from a technical standpoint would some apps be "immune" from Adguard while most others aren't?

Lastly would moving the Adguard cert with root make Adguard work in these apps or would it still not be able to slow down their absurd data vacuum?

Boo Berry

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Facebook app is double encrypted, so AG for Android and AG for iOS can't remove ads from the Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc. apps. Only way around that is to use a third-party app for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, etc.

In addition, if you block the domain used for a lot of ads,, you break the ability to log into Facebook as well, which a lot of users is unacceptable even though they may want to block Facebook ads, they don't want to completely break Facebook login for them as well.


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Makes sense. I don't use Facebook or Instagram but I need to keep messenger because some people don't understand texting.

Other apps I'm not super concerned about. I used adb to disable Facebook because I can't uninstall it on my note 10+ but since I'm switching to a pixel 5 I was hoping moving Adguard cert would allow it to block Facebook's bs.. well messengers bs anyway.

Thanks for the info. I've always wondered why it worked with basically everything I use except fb made stuff.