[Solved] Adguard DNS (adblocking)


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So I was using the new Edge browser on my Xbox series x and the ads immediately made me go insane

So I changed my router settings to use Adguard DNS with the fallback being alternate DNS which is also supposed to block ads.

Then I rebooted the console and still saw the same amount of ads.

Am I wrong in thinking the DNS servers used should be filtering at least some of the ads?



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You can find information about DNS filtering here.
I did read that and actually after I pulled the power cable from the Xbox and then booted back up I found that it was now blocking SIGNIFICANTLY more ads.

The website I was trying to access went from completely unusable because of overlays and ads to actually pretty good with just a couple banner ads. No more crazy overlays or things that blocked content. If I had to put a number to it I'd say there was an... 85% improvement.

I didn't add that info to this post because I was hoping to get a comment from someone from Adguard first just to see what would be said .

Thanks for the response and thanks for all the fantastic things Adguard does. I honestly don't know what id do without it.