[Solved - NO ROOT] V2RayNG + Adguard


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Hi all, I hope this guide will help you!

After several days of working and trying to look learn how to solve this problem finally, I found one

V2RayNG Setup

1/ Open V2RayNG > Config: Remote DNS to Adguard DNS:; > Changing the mod to Proxy Only


2/ Reset the V2RayNG

Adguard Setup

1/ Go to Settings > Network > Proxy > Enable


2/ + ADD PROXY SERVER > Depending on the VMess/VLess/Trojan Port using SOCKS or HTTP choose one of these to create the proxy server for Adguard

In this example, I'm using HTTP Proxy Port 10809 because my server is HTTPS

1651576881725.png 1651576977047.png

3/ Config Proxy for Adguard
1651577054093.png 1651577077173.png

4/ Save and select


5/ Turn off DNS Filtering (Since we already input the DNS in V2RayNG, if we do not turn it off, it will filter really slow)


6/ Go to App Management > Search for V2RayNG > Turn Off Adguard in there

7/ Turn on the VPN and Enjoy
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