[SOLVED] sentireascoltare.com [Anti-Adblock]


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AAB found in site https://sentireascoltare.com (music reviews and news, italian):

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SA is a reality that survives economically and mainly thanks to advertising, our income is therefore directly proportional to the entries that we register on the site and the possibility that ADs are always displayed. A growing number of sites, which we have joined, have embraced the use of anti-AdBlock scripts for this reason. They are right to exist: among the various web statistics published globally in 2016 - but a round of internal accounting was enough to understand it - have emerged worrying data about the loss of income resulting mainly from their increasing use. We understand that advertising is boring but the gratuitousness that the web has imposed forces us to rely on banners and if these are not materially seen it becomes complicated to survive in an increasingly agro and dystopian market like the one in which we live.

To return to see normally listen, disable the block of AD advertisers on our pages. Many of these programs - for example AdBlocker Ultimate - allow the timely deactivation: it is therefore not necessary to deactivate the APP but only the site you want to view without filters (the option is "Disabled on this site" or equivalent wording).

If you are viewing this page by mistake, since you do not have any Ad Block program installed, try to clear your browser cache to eliminate cookies and if the problem persists, please let us know by writing to info@sentireascoltare.com

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Cannot reproduce. Please read the rules and send report using AdGuard.