[Solved] WOT extension automatic appearance



I suddenly noticed that when I was redirected to a suspicious link, I received a warning message from WOT extension. After browsing to a other site, then I noticed that Assistant had a site reputation indicator of WOT.
I have never enabled this extension. I remember exactly that during last update of Adguard for Windows beta, it was disabled.
How it suddenly got enabled?
I re-disabled it but it is still on the Assistant extension (I tested it with another browser).

Boo Berry

Moderator + Beta Tester
The Web Of Trust extension is included as an extension with Adguard for Windows and Mac, but AFAIK it should be disabled by default. Nonetheless, open AG for Windows' settings > Extensions section, find Web Of Trust and click remove to get rid of it for good. :)


After removing the extension and disabling Adguard service and re-enabling Adguard service, Site reputation indicator still appears in Assistant.