Some images on Amazon are being filtered


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I hope I'm able to explain this problem properly :)

When viewing items on amazon, I'm unable to maximize the product images.

For example, on the following page:

There are some images towards the top left of the page and clicking the small thumbnail or the larger preview should open up the images to expanded view which enables users to view the media in a popup. When Adguard is enabled, no popup appears but a blue-ish overlay appears on the page instead.

I hope that makes anyone else seeing this?

Boo Berry

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I'll test this here in a bit when I get a little time. In the meantime, have you tried disabling each filter one-by-one in a process of elimination to see if one of the filters is the culprit?


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Nick, what version(full) are you using?
And it will be good if you add version of AdGuard(program or/and browser extension) to your signature.


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Thanks for all the replies.

I installed the beta version and the problem persists.

Disabling the filters leads me to believe something in the English filter is causing the issue.

Edit: Tell a turned out to be something in my user list.

Thanks again for the help :)
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