some problems


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1.Can't Enter 'Filter Log'on Extension Icon.
Context Menu(Right Click on Page) is only i can enter the filter log for detailed filtering.

if some webpage block the right click method, it's easily block the AdGuard's Block Function.

and yes, 'Block from this Webpage' button in icon is Useless.
if the ad or malware you can see and block click by the GUI funtions, (95% sure) it's already in Filter list by annoymous many mnay volunteers.
so 'GUI click and Block(or Hide)' function is Meaningless on 'Actual AdGuard Needs User Pool'
because almost Ad and Malware is hided/NonGraphics JavaScript and method.

2. Filtering Log Always Need Page Reload.
if page is not stable fixed element, it's alway show other one on webpage.

so if you want to block something, AdGuards Require Page Reload, and the Element you want to Block is already gone and other one will showing.

and AdBlock Plus is not have this kind of issue.
(always Read & Show Blockable Element in Lists)
if AdGaurd can realize this function, it's should have to.

i'm impressed in AdGuard's Performance in Firefox 50< with e10s on.
but seriously consider 'Rollback to Old ABP Extensions' by upper causes.
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