Someone asked: What's the difference between AdGuard for IOS Pro vs Premium (Here is my understanding)


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AdGuard, please correct me if I am wrong.

For IOS, there are two I see on the AdGuard website and one as an addon (enabler) through the AdGuard free app which is found in the Apple App Store.
  • AdGuard for IOS (free version) - blocks adds in Safari only (Installed through the Apple App Store). Offers in-app purchases.
  • AdGuard for IOS Pro - Blocks ads in Safari and has DNS protection (Needs to be purchased and Installed through the Apple App Store). This is a lifetime license unless otherwise stated.
  • AdGuard Premium is the pro version. This version is only available to purchase through the in-app purchasing system of AdGuard for IOS (free version). All it does is it enables the pro features. Has a very high Apple Tax that jacks up the price.
  • AdGuard Personal - This license can activate all four platforms (Android, IOS, MAC, and Windows) and it comes with three licenses. It's an "all platform in one" solution. This version has the following products for each platform:
    • AdGuard for Android
    • AdGuard for IOS Pro- With this license you can enable the Pro (premium) features through the Free app without needing to purchase through the in-app purchasing system.
    • AdGuard for MAC
    • AdGuard for Windows
  • AdGuard Family is the same as AdGuard Personal but comes with nine licenses.
The only reason why AdGuard Premium is more, is because of the expensive Apple Tax for "In-App Purchasing" which Apple most likely takes an average cut of about 30%. Do the math. Apple store purchases have a much lower Apple tax than with in-app purchases, hence is why the pro version is less expensive.
If you have not purchased a "Personal or Family License" then the smart choice is to uninstall the free version and purchase the pro version.
Licenses for AdGuard Personal and AdGuard Family are more expensive because:
  1. They work on all platforms
  2. Each registered device can be managed through your Account on the AdGuard website. For example:
    1. You can remove licenses from one device and move it over to another device by "de-registering" the current device and registering that same license on the new device.