Someone stole my premium license key


New Member
I have a lifetime family license of which I'm currently only using 1 slot out of 9. However, for the last few months I've seen that there's some iPhone that keeps using my license. I've already unbinded that iPhone at least 4 times but after a few days it's always back there again.

What sucks is that I don't get any notification when a new device is added to my license, so I have to login into my account every few days to see if that guy is there and delete his device.

I don't know how to stop him. I don't see any option to change the license key number nor any way to blacklist that specific device. I've also tried to create 8 android VMs and link the license in those devices to occupy all slots but I've noticed that if all slots are full and you attempt to add a new device, the new device is added and the second most recently added device gets removed. So that solution doesn't work either.

Does anyone have some advice?