Spotify Windows App (Premium) Slow to switch tracks and update album art of currently playing track


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Using AdGuard for Windows, spotify app is slow to change tracks (~3 seconds) and slow to update the album art of the currently playing track once it has changed (another ~3 seconds after the song changes).

When I turn AdGuard to "Protection is disabled" the track changes near instantly (< 1 second) and the album art updates as soon as the track changes.

Spotify is not in my list of apps under the Network -> Automatically filter appliction traffic "List of filtered applications".

I have tried turning almost all settings "off" in AdGuard to isolate what exactly might be causing the issue, but I cannot identify a setting that I can change that resovles the issue, other than turning AdGuard to "Protection is disabled".

Any guidance is appreciated.


Support Marine
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Hello there!

While checking your request, we managed to find out that filtering for this application still works, despite the fact that it is in the default filtering exceptions.
The developers have been informed. Presumably, the fix will be released in version 7.3.
Here is a link to the issue on GitHub.
Thank you for the information provided.