[*] static.adman.gr on web.ert.gr


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you need to unblock adman.gr from adguard dns,
because we can't watch videos from web.ert.gr with this on,
filters I used to make it work on my laptop:


(of course I switched to google dns servers in my network card's properties)

on my phone I can't make it work, because dns filtering is relied on simplied domain names,
which contain it:

example url:


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Mentioned video plays fine when I tried AdGuard DNS first IPv4 server. Also when those urls are blocked via filters it plays fine.
@TheHasagi please check.


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I checked and it still doesn't work,
my filtering log says that ||adman.gr is still in SDN,
also I need my rules because static.adman.gr is also blocked by void.gr (greek adblock filter),
I'll contact him too