Status of Version 7.x


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Hello, everybody,
some months ago I had the version 7.x installed on Windows 10 (64bit), but again and again I had massive problems after updating the filter lists, both with Chrome and Firefox, and only the restart of the PC led to a solution. So I repentantly returned to the pure Browser addon.

Has this bug been fixed by now? The change from the pure browser addon might make sense if you follow the discussion about the new Google APi. :)

Boo Berry

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You should try it, 7.2 is a pretty solid release (and 7.3 is currently in the nightly channel).

If there's any issues, it'd probably be good to know what antivirus/antimalware software you're using, because there could be an incompatibility somewhere (and there's been a few since 7.x landed, which they've been fixed as they've been found, but you never know).


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Thank you very much. I used and still use Kaspersky's Internet Security - but I switched off all HTTPS and web monitoring there. What I had not done before was to exclude the ADguard directory in Kaspersky.


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So when you try to update the filters, you encounter an error?

Press Windows+R on your keyboard. When the Run window opens, type in the following command: %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and press OK or Enter
Windows will display a prompt asking you what program should be used to open the file. Select Notepad and press OK
If your hosts' file contains these records, please delete them and press Ctrl+S to save the file:
Close Notepad, reboot your PC and check if the issue persists;


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Hello again,
I have now tested the latest Nightly version. The hosts file is "clean" and I added the complete Adguard directory to the Kaspersy exclude list as a precaution. Now I am very happy with the performance and stability of Adguard - even though I activated 12 ad-filters.
I hope it stays that way now. :)