steps for enable, disable or refresh filters


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Ipad Ios 15.4.1 here
AdGuuard free version

Everything was working fine (no ads, no socialmedia stuff) with some basic filters enabled, until I updated Ios from 14 to 15. I managed to add some custom rules and they where working but now I see more adds and stuff, i dont understand if Safari does not load filtesrs and rules, or what.

I´m struggling with making any changes and reload to test (enabling or disabling new list and/or making any change on custom rules). I dont understand how it works, I close every app before making any change on AdGuard, I open Safari, return to AdGuard (i didnt close the app) and it reloads and changes that I made are back to the state they where before, let´s say I enabled new list and it is disabled again. I tried clearing history and enabling/disabling filters on Settings / Safari... sometimes changes get saved on AdGuard but i cant get the right steps.

Thank You in advance
Sorry for my English, is not first language :)



I have noticed when I disable protection & enable it again all filters under content blockers show 0. I have to sync before the filters load.
I would try syncing & see if the ads are blocked again.