svchost causing high cpu usage when adguard starts blocking adds


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I have been using Adguard from past 4 years now. Everything was working fine. But recently i updated my windows 10 and since then adguard is started showing loose ends. Whenever i turn on Adguard and start surfing internet, task manager in windows starts showing svchost.exe to consume high disk usage. I have read a article which says that i shall reinstall the adguard on windows 10.

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You might try the latest 7.2 beta or 7.2 nightly build because another user was having CPU usage issues that was fixed in 7.2 and there's been a lot of fixes since 7.1 was released.


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I am using windows 7 Operating system and My PC is also too slow and I checked running process from task manager and noticed that there are too many svchost processes are showing, So What's the reason and why it is appearing here. Is it a virus or compulsory file of OS ??


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Some viruses can duplicate SvсHost thus slowing down the system.
You need to first check your operating system for viruses.
And then try to install the Nightly version and check again.


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Not just viruses, but bad drivers and dodgy free software.
  1. Uninstall everything you are not using.
  2. Use T tools to disable startup items. WhatsInStartup I think it's by NirSoft. They and Microsoft have brilliant portable tools! Check them out to also examine DLL and other library files, plus any foreign unsigned files in system.
  3. Update Intel chipset driver (if using Intel CPU).
  4. Update other motherboard drivers, etc. Do not use a driver updater!!!!
  5. Roll back any drivers installed by driver software.
  6. Install drivers from your pc or motherboard manufacturer website. You do NOT need the latest drivers.
  7. Download latest version of STINGER (mcafee).
  8. Download trial of Malwarebytes latest. Not v1.8!
  9. Uninstall (not repair) antivirus.
  10. Download and run antivirus cleanup tool. Download MBAM Clean and run.
  11. Install licenced A/V or free trial of ESET.
  12. Update AV and MALWAREBYTES MBAM.
  13. Reboot safe mode and run FULL SCANS with no exceptions.
  14. If cannot run Malwarebytes, then download the Malwarebytes MBAM portable version that is renamed so not blocked by viruses or system policies. I forget the name but it is in my USB toolkit.
Afterwards, very an app to optimise the system and file cache to improve performance and stability. I have not rebooted in 302 days! I should probably install so Windows updates! I use "Cacheman" (right luck task vast icon and click Free RAM Now!...
In fact, I don't even use any anti virus. I use Sandboxie for any foreign software. Most apps work. Right click - Run Sandboxed up it doesn't touch any resources, only virtualised...
Good luck

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Want to examine Processes and what app is using them or initiated them (handles & DLLs)????
Download free portable app called "Process Explorer". Get the x64 to if you use 64bit Windows. Run it as admin!