Switching off adguard blocks all internet traffic.


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I'm having this problem recently, whenever I pause adgaurd, or switch it off, it stops all my internet traffic.
Chrome, Firefox, whatever none of them are able to access the network.
The moment I turn adgaurd back on, it starts to work fine.
I tried restarting phone, uninstalling the CA certificates from adguard to see if anything changes, but nothing helps.
I didn't try uninstalling adgaurd since I'm worried it might block my network access indefinitely.

I'm currently on adguard version 3.4. Could someone please help?
Thank you.


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Hello there!

Is the network blocked only for a short period of time or do you have no internet connection at all after the protection is turned off?
Also, be better if you test this case on the Nightly version of the AdGuard app.