Teamviewer thinks I'm a commercial user now


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I can't user Teamviewer anymore since I installed AdGuard. I use the free version of Teamviewer, which is ad supported, and now they won't let me use it cause they think I'm a commercial user and need a license. I contacted support here, but haven't got a reply.

How do I fix this?



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Hello there!
You need to exclude the TeamViewer app from the filtering.
To do this, you need to open AdGuard Settings > Network > List of filtered applications > uncheck TeamViewer.


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Alas and woe...

1. Teamviewer wasn't listed as a filtered app so I added it then unchecked it.
2. Still doesn't work.

BTW, *love* your avatar.

Thanks, though.


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Nope, still a no. Teamviewer right away puts up a notice that I have to buy a license. I think they've flagged me as a commercial user and won't let me revert back to personal use.

This is unfortunate :(

I've opened a ticket with Teamviewer.