The Add Application List Under Filtered Applications Takes a Long Time to Populate


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Under Network Settings -> Traffic Filtering -> Filtered Apps, the Add Application function takes up to 5 minutes to populate the collection of apps. I do have a lot of apps installed (394), but these days Windows 10's Apps & Features takes only about 10 seconds to populate the apps list (it used to be slower). Is there any way to speed this up in AdGuard? I'm guessing Windows 10 maintains an index of apps in the background, so it doesn't have to scan the entire system from scratch every time.

I use the Add Application function a lot. Some games update frequently and version is part of the path which means you have to re-add those apps every time. I can literally go off and make a cup of coffee and when I come back, AdGuard is still building the app collection list...

Update: It's interesting that I finally posted about this issue, then minutes later had to use the Add Application function again—and it seems faster. Perhaps some improvements were made recently? Today, the list is only taking about a minute or so to populate which is a significant improvement.

System: HP Spectre 360 Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD
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