The ol' IPv6 weirdness


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I didn't use IPv6 for a long time. But I decided to give it another chance. Seemed OK until weird stuff started happening:


DNS leaks galore. But, those are both A and AAAA requests. So can't blame it all on the IPv6, then? I don't like that. I have DNS Protection on to Adguard servers. Changing the protocol doesn't seem to do anything. My Windows DNS settings are set to default automatic from the router (changing those seems to mess up Adguard also).

If I look at my connections nearly all of my local hostnames are either [computer name], [computer name].home in the case of remote connections, or [computer name] (I'm not using ICS, but I think those are related to Windows Sandbox or my IIS server...those are virtual adapters anyway they don't matter)....nearly of my connections are like that, except a few that pop up every now and then:

20:42:08 2022-01-29, 184MagikHub.NetworkSpeedtest.exe, 7204,, 49196, 0000:0ec:c11::000, 443, TCP6, SYN sent, United States
Kinda hard to interpret without the column titles, sorry. I ran some Microsoft Store speed test UWP app as a test. The part I bolded is the local hostname. of that connection (zero'd out). The IPv6 address and my ISP's domain. Not good at all.

They are not bypassing Adguard. Some of these are QUIC connections from my web browser. Adguard is bypassing them. Others are connections to Microsoft Exchange from my mail client. Some have even come from the Adguard service itself. HOW can an IPv6 address that isn't even listed on my ethernet's properties as a local address be my local address? This is a nightmare.

If I can't figure this out I'll either have to turn off IPv6 again on my router altogether, or maybe install a DNS proxy and turn off Adguard's DNS protection, but I'd rather not make my setup even more complicated. If I come up with any more information I'll post it. Any help is appreciated.


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Probably should mention that I'm on the latest build of Windows 11. I'm about 1000% sure this issue has something to do with that lovely piece of software,