The system has a DNS profile installed. DNS protection may not work.

gerard janssen

New Member
Yesterday after purchasing Adguard VPN, i tweaked Adguard on all my apple devices, including my safari browser on my MacAir. (I have been running my MacAir through your servers with excellent results since you provided the new address's

Yesterday this pop up attached began showing up. I do not know what it means since i want to run everything through Adguard servers. I have also added screen shots of my DNS configurations as well as the panel showing that Adguard is no longer connecting in my system.

Methinks it is because i am now using Agduard VPN, but it never did this when i experimented with the free version of the VPN app.

Any advice on the meaning and how to resolve any potential conflict?


(in case this belongs under a forum for your VPN, i will post there too)