TIP - For all iOS users

Toni Kumpula

New Member
Looks like Apple is yet again changing how App Store works.

Your previous purchases may appear as “non-purchased” on the App Store, meaning that if you previously purchased AdGuard Pro for iOS it might ask you to buy it again but you can continue to download it after verifying with Touch ID or Face ID and a pop up will appear saying that “You can download this app for free” and you will be not charged.

I hope Apple will change this ASAP, this happens with old and new purchases as of now. I recommend to remove your payment option for now, just in case if something goes haywire and you’ll get charged twice.


New Member
So you have to click purchase but once verified you can download the app (or any previous purchases) again for free.
I certainly hope Apple changes this, it could lead to confusion for some users.