similar error to yesterday

Boo Berry

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Ah, so it's the issue with articles not opening when clicking on them? I can indeed confirm that.


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More info on this problem, if you directly click on anything at is does NOT open with Adguard spyware filters enabled, BUT if you right click on anything and have it open in a NEW tab in Chrome beta it seems to work then in Chrome Beta & Adguard current beta! Not sure if this helps resolve the problem just some more info....


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Have you looked at this problem today?, it seems 2 people have confirmed the issue again, I went up Teamviewer early this morning hoping you could look at the problem but you were not available at 5AM my time. Can we schedule a different time for U to look at the problem?


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Now I see what's the problem. First I was looking for broken video and missed this issue with broken links.

I'll fix it soon.

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Fixed, thank you!