TomTom AmiGO app not working properly when Adguard is enabled


Beta Tester
The app "TomTom AmiGO - GPS, Speed Camera & Traffic Alerts" does not work properly when Adguard is enabled.
The app can be found here:

When you search for a destination and click route, the routes never show up (Screenshot_20201205-021606.png).
With Adguard disabled, the routes show up instantly (Screenshot_20201205-021516.png).

I am attaching a whole lot of screenshots that should give you all the information you need.



Beta Tester

Are these forums still monitored by Adguard officials?

This thread currently has 45 views, but been missed by all Adguard officials?

Could any of them please respond?

We take the time and effort to bring up questions or issues, the least we could get is at least a timely response.